We are extremely happy to announce that our skins are now on sale for the most popular and wanted phone in the world from last week - Apple iPhone 6. This unique device has a great and very elegant design. We thought for long how to surprise you with skin/wrap with maximum coverage and protection in combination with exceptional and familiar sleek design. Perhaps you are already tired of the heavy and thick cases which will make your new iPhone 6 to looks not as good as it should. On the other hand EasySkinz will allow you without adding hardly any thickness to get premium protection against scratches and even a unique and very effective design.

     Did your friends ask you what that is, when they saw your iPhone 6? If so, you already have experience with any of our products. This is what they provoke in people - WOW effect and attract the attention like a magnet.

     When we were developing the new skins for iPhone 6 we wanted in a first place to develop a custom design with 100% coverage of the curved edges. Seemingly impossible thing, as other companies will leave them uncovered. But we accepted the challenge (not the Ice Bucket) to prove that this is
possible to make it super precise and easy for your to apply at the same time. Our designers did an excellent job. And the world's first skin with 100% coverage of the Apple's iPhone 6 curved edges proved to be a fact in the first day of the launch of the new device only at one place - EasySkinz.com

     With our new skins for LG G3 and iPhone 6 we are very excited to introduce you a brand new texture - unique glossy vinyl in 8 different colors with fabolous glossy finish and well knows from our other design - lovely BUBBLE FREE system   for professional results and easy application. Thanks to the new adorable material we're aim to offer a brand new colors as well  - lemon yellow (if you have a yellow Ferrari this skin is for you, definitely), golden yellow, deep red (specially created for every elegant lady) and our favorite - stunning glossy black, which will make your iPhone 6 super elegant.

     We are happy that despite the huge demand for new skins we're always aim to delivery fast,  have stock on all items and we do send your packages every day from Monday to Saturday.

     We wish you pleasant moments and hope you like our new designs for iPhone 6 and LG G3 and soon for iPhone 6 Plus.

     P.S. - Our skins, thanks to impeccable quality and BUBBLE FREE integrated system, are elastic and they can bend in all forms, so the owners of iPhone 6 PLUS there's nothing to be worry about. Very soon we will surprise you with more than 30 designs for iPhone 6 Plus that can safely latest in your pocket, no matter what. :)

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EasySkinz Team